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Vorontsov's Palace Belvedere
03.02.2015, 22:09

The complex of Vorontsov palace in the classic style, being on the top of the high bank of the central part of Odessa, was created by the project of the Odessa architect Franz  Boffo (1796 - 1867). At every beginning, the complex included the palace, stable corps, kitchen corps and the belvedere (existing nowadays), Orlovsky corps, a garden (descended to the sea), a corps for guests and a Winter garden with arbors for a rest and stairs down to the sea.
The Belvedere (1826 - 1828) contains the two parallel rows of ten-columnar portico of the tuscan warrant, recovered by a dual-slop metallic roof, with two lithoidal stair marches from the each side. On the plan it makes a fourth part of circumference, turned to the sea by its protuberant part.
The birth of a pearl of Odessa - the governor's Mikhail Vorontsov general residence - took place in 1826, but was completely finished in 1834.  
At the Crimean war-time (1853 - 1853) Vorontsov's palace got the considerable losses. Building practically grew into the ruins.
The recovered palace served to the interests of the public needs of Odessa as the governor's residence of the Novorossisky region up to the end of the 19th century, when the private masculine gymnasium of Yungmeister (existed up to 1917) was open there. 
After the end of the Civil war (1917 - 1923) the halls of the complex were used for the needs of the public organizations. In particular, the chess competitions were conducted there. In 1936 the halls were adjusted for the needs of the House of pioneers by the decision of the Sovnarkom of the USSR .
During the World War II (1941 - 1945) the closed palace complex got considerable losses again (the Orlovsky corps (the technical department of the House of pioneers) and Winter garden were disappeared from the Earth face), and other its buildings were riddled by the projectiles and canister-shot.
Now the building of Vorontsov's palace also serves for a child education. In 2000 it was renamed to the Municipal Palace of child's and youths' work.

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