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Sailor's Wife Monument
30.01.2015, 22:52

The sculptor Alexander Tokarev incarnated to life not just a monument, but a whole memorial, that is considered to be dedicated to the sailors' wives and children. He was set in Odesa in 2002.

This modest memorial is the memory about those, who hadn't ever returned, and gratitude for those, who remained alive. "Glory", "Soviet Ukraine", "Tuapse", "Nakhimov" - hundred women waited husbands from these ships.

This touching monument became the original symbol of Odesa. In fact, exactly here - at the Sea Port - it was possible to see the similar pictures quite often. A sad mother and a child, waving by little hands - they saw off their husband and father for sailing. 

Soon after opening this composition became a usual and inalienable part of the Sea Port. It has emotionally filled this part of Odesa. Locals call the monument "a bronze sailor's wife" ("moriachka"), and tourists include this sight into their programs of acquaintance with the city.

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