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Food Market "Privoz"
31.01.2015, 15:46

Famous Odessa "Privoz" is a colourful market, where it is "possible to buy everything"; it is one of the symbols of Odessa. History of "Privoz" begins since 1827, when on the Privoznaya square the enormous market, as a branch of the Old market, was built. Initially "Privoz" targeted for trading "on wheels", i.e. from the cartfuls. In 1913 an architect Fedor Neshtrukh built four two-storeyed buildings ("Fruits Passage"), successfully complementing an architectural complex of "Privoz", and gradually the market became the main one in Odessa. It was considered one of the greatest markets in Europe. In 1842 by the project of the architect Toricelli on the corner of the Ekaterinenskaya and Lanzheronovskaya streets The "Pale-Royal" (translated as the "Royal palace"), the guest house,  was built, which consists 44 trade bench galleries. In the same year on the square of the Old market the architect Toricelli built the trade rows on the Large boulevard (now boulevard Mira). And in 1903 the construction (with duration in 15 years) of the New market was completed. A modern complex "New Privoz", that has well-equipped trade areas for the merchants, was erected in the last years near "Privoz". A monument to the heroine of Odessa folklore -  the aunt Sonia - was open there. Tourists are especially recommended to visit fish rows at the old part of the market, that keeps the Odessa trade traditions. "Privoz" is open every day, except Monday.

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